Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Uniquely Rajasthan

Bags packed and I was all set for my Rajasthan tour. The flight from Delhi was pretty comfortable. On reaching the outskirts of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, I hired a taxi in order to reach the city centre. It was dusk by the time I reached the Jaisalmer City. I was fortunate to gaze at the sun go down, casting an ember glow over the desert horizon. As I stepped over the vast stretch of the gilded sands of Jaisalmer, my senses lay settled amidst the stillness of the place. It was as if I had entered a state of timelessness. The wind blowing away the flakes of golden sands unfolded the royalty and chivalry of the erstwhile Rajputs and brought alive the rich history of Rajasthan.

During the night, I set out for shopping in the streets of Jaisalmer. Amazing artifacts in gold are something no tourist can miss to take along. Another shopping bag in my hand held some Rajasthani fabrics picked from Rajmahal. These were embellished with mirror work and some embroidery as well.

I boarded a luxury bus so as to move on towards the city of lakes – Udaipur. I could feel a bizarre aroma of enchantment intermixed impeccably in the air. The magnificent forts usually constructed on hill tops invite you whole heartedly to appreciate their craftsmanship. A boat cruise on the clear blue waters of Lake Pichola was my pick. The glance of the Lake Palace amidst the lake left me speechless. The beautiful paintings and traditional furniture that bedecked the interiors of the palace transported me to an entirely different world of Rajasthani grandeur. My stay at this fort turned into a heritage hotel was undoubtedly princely.

Along with a new day, I set out for a new destination. Ajmer, an important pilgrimage town of Rajasthan was the destination to be explored. The moment I stepped in Ajmer, I entered a slender lane to have the famous kachoris and biryanis. Biryani was immensely mouth-watering. In order to satiate my sweet tooth, I landed up at the much hyped Halwai Ki Gali. It would not exaggerate when I say that the taste of its malpuas and jalebis is unforgettable.

With my stomach full uptill the brim, I rushed to hire a taxi so as to reach Pushkar. An hour later, I was a part of the world's largest camel fair – Pushkar Fair. I was actually drowned in the excitement the stunningly colourful fair offered. Buying and selling of decorated camels, parading them, Pushkar has all this and much more too. It was truly an unmatched experience to spend a fortnight at this magical fair.. The next morning, I paid homage to Lord Brahma at the only Brahma Temple in the world. Truly, culture and religion are perfectly interwoven in Ajmer City, Rajasthan.


Blogger said...

You seem to have covered most of Rajasthan. How long did you travel in Rajasthan? Any pictures of the camel fair and jaisalmer desserts?

Anjali Meena said...

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Meera Khandelwal said...

Wow.. you have choose rocky golden Jaisalmer for a short trip but didn't mention or you didn't visit the real golden Jaisamer Fort. There are many places to see in Jaisalmer like Fort, Lake , Havelis and Bagh etc.